8-Sebala Huma (Requires Dark Avatar)11:54 am (GMT) Jul 29, 2009
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A single quadrant of the map.
Note: The preview picture only shows 1 quadrant. This map is roughly mirrored on all four quadrants.

I had made this map after I had gotten tired of the randomly generated maps giving an unfair advantage to any single race. (Example: Planets, asteroids, and resources easily reached by one player and harder for or not reachable by others.)

This map I had made to give all players roughly the same distance away from resources and habitable planets. Also no player who owns a single part of the map will have a large advantage over others. I wanted to create an even playing field over the entire map while still randomly placing things in a quadrant of the map, then mirroring it in the other quadrants.

I would have a link to this map on the offical map section on the Galactic Civilizations 2 website, but it seems there's an error on their server when I try uploading the map.
Download Here then extract to your
"Stardock\TotalGaming\GalCiv2\Data\CustomMaps" Folder.