(8)Ultimate Zone Control (Requires Brood War)10:31 am (GMT) Jul 8, 2009
Minimap Image Misc. Details: First off three months went into making this map to make sure it will be the best Zone Control out there. Mostly making triggers around the limits of Starcraft's engine as well as balancing. You may fully concentrate on upgrading or expanding and the game will be even on a 1 on 1 game. Was loads of fun during testing too so that added to the time. All I wasn't able to do was have an all out 8 player session. I'd hope that if you give any map here a try at all, it'd be this one with a few friends.

Note: This is a Use Map Settings map. If you use any other game type setting this map will not play as intended.

Special thanks to OokamiOni!
Download Here This map has been discontinued and is ment for learning purposes only.
(8)Three Islands11:53 pm (GMT) Jul 7, 2009
Minimap Image Three isolated islands with all eight players thrown randomly on each. Until you see your enemy you wont know if they're on your island or another.

This map was meant to break up the typical land or island maps and bridge the two.

Note: You may use the Use Map Settings game type for a score based elimination match. Every five minutes the player with the least points is cut from play, however you may still defeat an opponent by destroying their buildings.
Download Here
(1)Defense Key (Semi-beta) (Requires Brood War)9:07 pm (GMT) Jan 17, 2010
Minimap Image This is a basic defend your base map. I worked hard on it about 8 years ago, and here's an update to it now that I've found it again. I originally lost this map during one of my PC upgrades. I've reworked a large portion of the triggers in the map so it may not play as it used too, however once I get around to it I'll try to update this further with better attacking waves.

Simple objectives: Protect your hero and barracks for twenty minutes.
Download Here
(5)Key Defense (Not Updated) (Requires Brood War)9:21 pm (GMT) Jan 17, 2010
Minimap Image This map is a twist on the Defense Key map. One player controls the Zerg while four Terran players try to survive the longest. The Zerg player has no time limit, though I intended to port the triggers from the original Defense Key I had lost. This map has not been updated in anyway since I originally created it. I'm looking forward to cracking some time into this once I get the single player version finished.

Zerg Player - Send waves of enemies to destroy the Terran players.
Terran Players - Survive longer than the other Terran players.

Note: To play this map you must have at least 2 Terran players and someone to play as the Zerg.
Download Here